At Tupelo Design Studio we pride ourselves in delivering personalized design solutions that reflect our clients' vision. We are committed to working with you as part of an integrated team of professionals believing this approach yields more successful project outcomes. While all projects are unique, they share a common process of discovery, design, development, and delivery.

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Our discovery begins with a site visit and courtesy consultation to discuss your goals and consider how we might approach your project. This conversation forms the foundation for our proposal, which provides a clear scope of the design work needed to realize your vision. In the proposal we describe the work and corresponding design fees necessary to produce a conceptual schematic master plan. Engaging a landscape architect at the very beginning of your project yields many benefits. We can assist other design professionals in vetting and resolving complex issues, which in turn save money, time and damage to the environment.

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We will prepare conceptual plans for your review and encourage your feedback as we develop and test design solutions. Until we actually work through the schematic design and discover what the ultimate solution will be, it is challenging to accurately predict the associated costs to construct the project. Materials selection, extent of custom fabrication, and required permitting are several of the variables that can affect the project budget. When we have a clear understanding and general approval for a conceptual schematic master plan we will prepare a second proposal to outline the construction drawings needed to actually build your project. A much clearer idea of total project costs can be formulated once we have completed the construction documents required for building your landscape project.



We pride ourselves on arriving at the best possible design solutions given the existing conditions and restrictions inherent in your project. The devil is in the details and during design development we create the construction drawings to refine and work through the necessary steps needed to build your design. Further refinement of material options and selections are made here with your input and approval as well as any engineering expertise that may be required by building codes. This is where the rubber hits the road as vision transitions from analysis and concept to reality and it is often where challenges are revealed and resolved with team input.



Construction drawings have been completed, bids sent and received, any necessary permits secured and now the actual delivery of your vision begins. In this phase we keep close watch and supervision over the building processes to make sure that all is proceeding as intended. Oftentimes unanticipated field conditions can necessitate adjustments or accommodations that must be carefully considered for the overall impact to both design and budget. Consistent communication is paramount in resolving these situations and why we prefer to work as a "team" and not as isolated professionals. Once your project is successfully completed we feel strongly that caring for it is as important as building it. Providing a maintenance plan protects your vision, investment and the healthy function of your site post construction.


Integrated Design Process

It has been our experience that projects run more smoothly and have better outcomes when a complete design team is assembled early on. Clear collaborative communication across professions and trades allows potential problems to be identified earlier in the project ensuring timely resolution. When the landscape architect is brought into the team later, important decisions may have already been made thus limiting design options.